How to Log in to Telegram on an Android Device

By Kate Morsina

To log into Telegram on an Android device, you need a confirmation code. The simplest way to obtain a five-digit code is through the Telegram messenger installed on a PC. If you haven’t installed Telegram on a computer, request an authorization code via SMS. If you’re having issues with SMS, accept the phone call and take note of the numbers dictated by the automated service. Read on to find out what to do if the SMS doesn’t come through, and how to register in Telegram with a virtual number.

Anonymous users cannot communicate using Telegram. To confirm your phone number, complete nine simple steps after installing the app, and join the ranks of those using Pavel Durov’s messenger app. A mobile, landline, or even virtual phone number is suitable for logging in.

1. Open the app and press the blue Start Messaging button at the bottom of the screen.

first Telegram registration screen on an Android device

2. In the window that appears, press Continue to allow the application to accept calls for automatic confirmation of your phone number.

3. Press Allow to permit Telegram to make and manage phone calls.

allow Telegram to manage phone calls

4. Select your country code, enter your phone number, and press on the white arrow inside the blue circle.

You may be wondering how to log in to telegram without your phone number. When logging into Telegram, you can enter the number of any mobile phone or landline that you have access to. If you want to conceal your real phone number, register a virtual number that is not linked to a SIM card. The only requirement is that you must be able to accept a call or receive an SMS message with a secret code. You can rent a paid virtual number, for example, via the site; free numbers are available at

5. If the phone number is correct, press Yes. In the case of an error, tap Edit and enter the phone number again.

entering and confirming your phone number

6. Press Continue in the modal window to give the application access to your call history. In this case, the login code will work automatically.

7. Press Allow to give Telegram access to the phone call log.

giving access to the call history

8. If the messenger is already installed on a different phone, computer, or tablet, obtain the five-digit access code in a message from Telegram.

Telegram confirmation code on a PC

If you have not installed the application on any other devices, press Send the code as an SMS and receive the login code in an SMS message.

requesting the code via SMS

9. Enter the code into Telegram on your smartphone.

If the authorization code has not come through via SMS, or if you are linking your account to a landline number, wait three minutes and follow the link labeled, Get the code via phone call. An automated service will call the number indicated and will dictate the confirmation code.

requesting a phone call

The next time you launch Telegram, the application will request access to your phone’s contact list in order to sync your contacts. Press Continue. Tap Allow in the modal window to confirm access to your contacts. The app requests permission only once and won’t disturb the user on subsequent launches.

allow the messenger to access your contacts

Registration Errors

Let’s examine six reasons why users may not have received an SMS with an access code.

Wrong phone number

Repeat the registration steps. Make sure that the country code and phone number have been entered correctly.

Poor phone reception

Make sure that you are in your mobile operator’s network coverage area and that there are no issues with the cellular signal. Restart your phone and try again. If the SMS still doesn’t come through, move to an area with reliable reception.

Issues with the mobile network operator

Your mobile network operator may flag the activation code as spam and block delivery of the SMS message. Contact your mobile operator’s tech support, click Get the code via phone call, and then enter the code dictated by Telegram’s automated service.

The SMS doesn’t come through to a virtual phone number

Register a paid virtual number using a different site. If the SMS still doesn’t come through, enter your real phone number.

Numerous code requests

If you request the authorization code several times in a row, Telegram will consider the user’s activity suspicious and will not send the SMS. Make a repeat request after waiting two minutes.

Unofficial version of the program

Telegram FZ-LLC cannot guarantee the functionality of the messenger if it is downloaded from a suspicious source. Install the application from the Google Play store or download the .APK file from the official site,

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