How to Log in to Telegram on a PC

By Kate Morsina

You can log into Telegram on a computer in two ways: by scanning the QR code into your phone app or by accepting the confirmation code in the messenger on a smartphone or tablet. Validating your account is the same on Android and iOS devices. Without previously installing Telegram on a mobile device, you will not be able to log into it on a PC. In this article, we will examine how to log in to Telegram on a desktop or laptop with screenshots and explanations, and we will discuss three common login errors.

Until 2022, the developer allowed you to confirm your phone number via an SMS, and the user could get by without installing the messenger on a mobile device.

How to Log into Telegram with a QR Code

Let’s break down how to scan in the QR code with an Android or iOS phone from a Windows PC. To log in on a macOS computer, the user needs to complete similar steps.

Immediately after installing the messenger on a computer, log into Telegram – the application doesn’t support functionality for anonymous users. Without logging into your account, you will not be able to exchange chat messages, communicate using your voice, or send photos and videos.

1. Launch Telegram on your computer.

2. Press the blue START MESSAGING button.

first time launching Telegram on a computer

3. The screen will display a QR code that you need to scan with your phone.

QR code on your PC screen

4. Open Telegram on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

5. Go into Settings and select Devices.

entering Settings and then Devices in the Android OS

6. Tap on the blue Link Desktop Device button.

7. Scan the QR code found on the screen of your computer monitor.

How to Log in via a Confirmation Code

To log into Telegram on a computer via a confirmation code, complete these four steps.

1. On the screen with the QR code, follow the blue link saying, “Or log in using your phone number”.

logging in with your phone number

2. Select your country from the list, enter your phone number, and press NEXT.

3. The system will send you a 5-digit confirmation code in the Telegram app installed on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

code in the messenger app on the phone

4. Enter the confirmation code and press NEXT.

entering the 5-digit code

Login Errors

In response to the requests of our website visitors, let’s examine three errors that can occur when logging into Telegram on a computer.

The “Scan QR Code” Scanning Error

If you see the error, “Scan QR Code. An error occurred. AUTH_TOKEN_EXPIRED”, press OK, tap on Link Desktop Device again and try to scan the QR code one more time.

the Scan QR Code error

The Phone Doesn’t Receive the SMS with the Confirmation Code

In 2022, you will not be able to request a confirmation code via SMS to your smartphone and to use it to log into Telegram on your computer. The Send code via SMS link no longer works. When you follow this link, the system will notify you that a confirmation code was sent to Telegram and will ask you to first login into the messenger on your phone or tablet. Without installing Telegram on a mobile device, you will not be able to log in on your PC.

Internal Server Error

Sometimes after you enter your phone number, Telegram will show the error, “Internal server error.” In the case of this error, follow the blue Quick log in using QR code link and scan the QR code with your phone.

switching to logging in with a QR code

As an alternative, open the official site,, log in with a QR code and chat in Telegram in your browser.

logging into the Telegram web version

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