How to Install Telegram on Android

By Kate Morsina

You can install Telegram on an Android phone via the Google Play store or from an .APK file downloaded from the developer’s official website. In these detailed step-by-step instructions written in 2022, we will explain how to install Telegram on your Android phone or tablet even without a Google account. We will give recommendations on the preferred way of installing the messenger. We will also examine the scenario in which the phone doesn’t allow you to launch an .APK installation file downloaded from the Internet.

Set up personalized sound notifications, send messages that are delayed, soundless, or hidden under an animation, leave anonymous comments, read chat messages undetected, and use Telegram’s other functions not available in WhatsApp and Viber on your Android device.

Installing from the Google App Store

We recommend downloading Telegram from Google Play rather than via an APK file. New versions appear in the app store faster than on the official website. Note the 2022 messenger functions available to users when they install from Google Play: managing downloads, previewing and changing the order of photo albums before sending them, generating links with your phone number embedded for chat communication.

1. Tap on the Google Play icon on the smartphone home screen.

2. In the search bar in the top part of the screen, type in “telegram.”

To install the messenger from the app store, your phone must be linked to a Google account.

3. Press the green Install button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

finding Telegram in the Google Play store

If you want to get more information about the app, flip through some screenshots, learn about the system requirements, and read user reviews, click on the Telegram logo to go to the page with a detailed description of the messenger.

the Telegram page in the Google Play store

app description and screenshots

4. Wait for the installation to finish.

5. Press the Open button, which will have appeared in place of the Install button.

copying files and completing installation

How to Download the Telegram App Without the Play Store: Installing Telegram from an .APK file

Installing the application from the official site will suit Android OS users who don’t want to link a Google account to their smartphone out of privacy considerations or who have recently purchased their phone in a mobile network store and haven’t had time to set up the device.

1. Open the official website in the Google Chrome web browser.

Do not download the application from unofficial sources. In the best-case scenario, you will be installing an old version of the messenger, and in the worst case, you will infect your phone with viruses.

2. Click on the Telegram for Android link.

3. Tap on the blue Download Telegram button.

downloading the APK file from the official website

4. A warning stating, “File might be harmful” will appear in a modal window. Click Download anyway.

The Telegram.apk installation file downloaded from the developer’s official site contains no malware or viruses and will not harm your phone.

5. After the download completes, click Open at the bottom of the screen to launch the installer.

downloading and launching the installation file

6. Press Install in the modal window.

7. Wait for the files to finish copying.

installing Telegram on an Android operating system

8. The app will inform you that installation was successful. Press Open.

9. Click Start Messaging and complete registration in the app.

completing messenger installation from an APK file

Unlike WhatsApp and Viber, Telegram on a phone, computer, or tablet immediately syncs and allows you to send files without size limitations.

Installation Error

If Android OS 8.0 or higher will not allow you to launch the .APK file downloaded from the Internet, follow the six steps below.

blocked from installing downloaded file

1. Open the phone settings and select Applications and Permissions.

2. Open Permission management.

opening the application permission settings

3. Click on Install unknown apps.

4. In the list of applications, find a browser such as Chrome and press on it.

finding Google Chrome in the list of apps

5. Move the slider next to Allow unknown apps to be installed to the “on” position.

allow the Google Chrome browser to install apps

6. Perform the same steps for the File Manager application in order to be able to open the .APK file and install the messenger at a later time without having to download the installation file again.

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